Publications dans les revues en 2001

Electron accumulation layer on a clean Indium terminated InAs(001)4x2-C8x2 surface
P. De Padova, C. Quaresima, P.Perfetti, R. Larciprete, R. Brochier, C. Richter, V. Ilakovac, P.Bencok, C.Teodorescu, V.Y. Aristov, R.L.Johnson, K.Hricovini
Surf.Sci 482-485 (2001) 587.

Low-dimensional electronic structures on In-terminated InAs(001)-c(4x4) and -(4x2)c(8x2) surfaces
P. De Padova, P. Perfetti, C. Quaresima, C.Richter, M. Zerrouki, K. Hricovini
ELETTRA higlights 2001.

X-ray magnetic circular dichroism, photoemission and RHEED studies of     Fe/InAs interface
C.M. Teodorescu, F. Chevrier, C. Richter, V. Ilakovac, R. Brochier, K. Hricovini
Surface Science 482-485 (2001) 1004.

Localization of 3d electrons in thin Mn and Mn-oxide films by resonant photoemission
M.C. Richter, P. Bencok, R. Brochier, V. Ilakovac, O. Heckmann, G. Paolucci, A. Goldoni, R. Larciprete, J.-J. Gallet, F. Chevrier, G. van der Laan and K. Hricovini
Phys. Rev. B, 63 (2001) 205416

High pressure synchrotron radiation diffraction of icosahedral Ti-Zr-Ni and hydrogenated Ti-Zr-Ni quasicrystals
A.Sadoc, J. P. Itié and A. Polian, J. Y. Kim, K.F. Kelton
J. Phys. Cond. Matter., 13, 1( 2001)

EXAFS study of hydrogen location in a Ti-Zr-Ni icosahedral quasicrystal and a 1/1 bcc crystal approximant
A. Sadoc, J. Y. Kim, K.F. Kelton
Phil. Mag. A, 81, 2911 (2001)